Kalendarz imprez


The exceptional location of the Cultural Centre ZAMEK – a historical palace with an adjoining amphitheatre surrounded by a picturesque landscape park – makes it a perfect venue for outdoor events. The biggest of them are: Noc Świętojańska (Midsummer’s Eve) and Jarmark Jadwiżański (Nadwiżański Fair). On a scorching June afternoon (Midsummer’s Eve) or on an early autumn Sunday (October – the Fair) the palace’s immediate surroundings fill up with trading stalls and stands on which products made using unique, often nearly forgotten crafts are offered to the public. The amphitheatre turns into a performance venue for dance, music and theatre ensembles; the moat is occupied by duelling knights, workshops, and – after dusk – various picturesque (multimedia, fire, etc.) displays. The above constitute the most important local annual outdoor events, but every season new proposals are made, some of which are actually implemented, such as: the International Earth Day or the European Heritage Days.We also organise one-off outdoor events outside the palace grounds, such as: New Year’s Eve in Wrocław’s Rynek (2005), the ‘The Magnificent Eight’ finals in Słodowa Island (2006) or the Flood Picnic in the Pilczyce stadium (2007), which was held to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the flood of the century.


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