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The Cultural Centre ZAMEK helps you discover and develop your music-related talents and lets you listen to live performances. The Centre provides regular courses in music popularization, singing and instrument playing. The Centre also holds concerts of artists representing various genres of music, above all as part of outdoor events (e.g. Jarmark Jadwiżański or Noc Świętojańska), which are free to the general public.The bands and ensembles which have performed at the Centre’s outdoor events in recent years include: Orkiestra Św. Mikołaja (Santa Claus Orchestra), Soomood, Yerba Mater, Rzepczyno, Lion Vibrations, Kyczera, Ovo, Czerwie, Żywiołak and Village Kollektive. The most important music event held by the Centre is the HARMONIA VIVA Accordion Music Presentations, which are composed of two parts: a competition and public performances. Most of Presentations concerts are also free of charge. To date we have had the opportunity to listen live to: Musette Quartet, Motion Trio, Klezzmattes, Renata Przemyk, Pulsaciones and Wróblewski Trio. We also organise one-off music events outside its premises, such as: New Year’s Eve Celebrations in Wrocław’s Rynek in 2005, at which the Brathanki group and The Beatles Revival Band played or ‘The Magnificent 12’ finals in Słodowa Island in 2006, at which Fisz Emade performed. We welcome new, young bands and music groups that desire to present their art to the public – we offer unique performance venues (a performance hall, the palace’s basements and amphitheatre) and some pieces of equipment (sound system components, a mixer, microphones, stands). Such cooperation has resulted, for instance, in a Gothic music concert of the Egrimonia and Inductor bands.


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