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Centrum Kultury “Zamek” (“The Castle”) is a local government institution of culture. We reside in a unique building of a baroque palace with eight hundred years’ history. Even though our seat is that of a historical origin, we claim to be a modern institution open for everyone who wants to spend his or her free time in a creative way. Centrum Kultury “Zamek” is a place where you can look for, find and develop your interests, where people meet and self-realize.
Our offer is aimed at everyone, there is no age limit – among the workshops offered are those for babies, children, youngsters, adults and senior citizens.
In our studios professional instructors will help you discover and develop your talents in: arts, modern dance, classical dance, artistic pottery, music (piano, guitar) and theatre/singing classes. These we offer all year long but we also try to adapt to our guests’ needs and suggest new forms of cultural activities whenever there’s a need for it. We not only help to develop your talents and abilities, but we also present them during the shows and exhibitions.
Centrum Kultury “Zamek” is also a place where you can meet artists from various areas – we organize literary meetings, concerts, theatrical performances and art exhibitions (both contemporary and classical art).
We plan interdisciplinary projects that combine activities from different areas of culture – one of these is a series of meetings with travellers, photographers and adventurers called “The World Cultures”.
The centre cooperates with other cultural institutions, associations and individual people in the country and abroad. We also conduct the projects of our own authorship which are well known both in the region and in Poland: “St. John’s Night” born from Slav mythology (June), “Fantasy Days” (sci-fi and fantasy, June), medieval “St. Hedwig Fair” (October), “International Short Story Festival” (October), “Accordion Presentations HARMONIA VIVA” (November), “Wrocław Book Fair” (December).


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